Home Foreclosure Alternatives Las Vegas Foreclosure Lawyer

Home Foreclosure Alternatives Las Vegas Foreclosure Lawyer

Looking for information on alternatives to foreclosure in the Las Vegas valley? How about advice from a foreclosure lawyer? No matter if you live in Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas, our Nevada foreclosure attorneys will find the right alternative to home foreclosure based on your individual needs.

There are significant and legitimate defenses to mortgage foreclosure. Even if you don’t “defeat” a mortgage foreclosure, you may be successful in reducing the amount due, gaining valuable time and/or persuading the bank that a modification agreement is better than foreclosure.

If there is an amount owed, we want to be sure our clients do not pay more than they are supposed to. If there’s a question as to whether the Bank is a proper party or has standing, is a holder in due course, etc. we asset those defenses. If the loan was originated in violation of the Truth in Lending Act, serviced in violation of the Real Estate Procedures Settlement Act or in violation of the Home Ownership Equity Protection act, we asset those claims as well.  If Bankruptcy is a better option for our clients, we will advise you of that as well.

We raise these defenses and claims because we recognize our obligation to zealously advocate for clients within the limits of the law and also within a reasonable extension of the law.

If our client cannot afford home ownership, we want to help them find means to relocate with dignity and on a timely basis without the humiliation of being evicted. We want to help families. We want children to finish their school terms in their communities.

We believe that our work has a positive effect on our clients and communities.

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"Upon my first contact with Atty. Neil I felt at ease with talking to him about my having to file for bankruptcy. He was very professional and personable and explained everything in detail what I would have to do. As such, I returned to him with all my records and data in order. Afterwards he explained the next processes that I would have to follow. Because I was fully prepared his job to present it to the court was prudent and expeditious. As a result, my case was completely settled in less than three months. Neil is a man of his word and action and I certainly would recommend him to anyone in need of legal service, but with a word of advice, I would recommend that you should be prepared to do whatever he requests in order to expedite your case."
Judy W.
"When the housing market tanked and i got laid off I needed help with a short sale of my home. Mr. Colmenares was recommended to me by a co-worker. Mr. Colmenares made the process as painless and smooth as possible. I highly recommend Mr. Colmenares to anyone who is in the same position as I once was. If your looking for a pro on your side, look no further."
Steve W.
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Emaan O.
"The best attorney I have ever dealt with. He made me feel good about going to see an attorney. Anytime I had questions in the process, our calls were answered promptly, He always got back to me and I never had to case him down. Mr. Colmenares even went out of his way to let me see him late on a Saturday. He's not like any other attorney that only cares about your money. He answered all my questions in detail. and gave me advice in how to situate my problems. I didn’t even have to ask him questions because that’s how specific and detailed he was. It was like he read my mind. Always thinking ahead, and was on top of my case. Worth every dollar spent. Highly recommend."
Jack H.