Las Vegas Foreclosure Mediation Lawyer

If your home is in Foreclosure, you must act quickly!

Foreclosure Mediation in Las Vegas, Nevada was a court ordered process that forced the bank to negotiate with you in good faith to find alternatives to foreclosure. In other words, mediation looks for ways to save your home.

Unfortunately, the State of Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program stopped accepting applications on December 31, 2016.

This effectively means that unless you work out an arrangement with the bank or follow one of the other Foreclosure Alternatives as explained on this website, the bank can auction your home in as little as 3 months and 20 days. Thereafter, you will be evicted and out on the street.

Remember, it is best to keep all your options open. The Foreclosure Alternatives options on this website are your best chance to save your home.

You may still be able to explore the other Foreclosure Alternatives options on this website even though:
a) Your home is underwater (you owe more than the home is worth)
b) You were denied a modification
c) You defaulted on a temporary modification
d) You are still negotiating with the bank outside of the foreclosure

Foreclosure Lawyer in Las Vegas

Foreclosure Alternatives must be timely requested.



No. However, pursuing Foreclosure Alternatives without a lawyer is like performing surgery on yourself because you do not want to pay a doctor. In theory, you can operate on yourself but is worth the risk? Is it worth risking your home?


Develop A Strategy
Attorney Colmenares personally reviews your entire financial situation so he can advise you on all your options. Having a strategy will allow you to see opportunities that would otherwise be lost. Remember, the bank will only act in their best interests, not yours.

Effective Representation
It is common for banks not to take you seriously when you do not have a lawyer. Attorney Colmenares makes sure the bank takes the you seriously by making sure they have all the documents the law requires to continue with the foreclosure. If they do not, they have to start the foreclosure over again. In other words, we make sure they are dealing with you in good faith.

Reality Check
Historically, banks do not make many concessions or offers. When they do, these offers are so ridiculously one sided that only the bank benefits. We cut through all the smoke and mirrors and let you know based on your entire financial situation if the offer is in your best interest. Only your lawyer can do this for you.

See The Big Picture
We look at all your options including timing considerations, short and long term goals, financing options, loan modification, short sale, forbearance, deed in lieu of foreclosure, chapter 7 bankruptcy,chapter 13 bankruptcy, etc.


To find out if Foreclosure Alternatives in Las Vegas is right for you, take the first step by scheduling a foreclosure alternatives consultation. Here is what you can expect:
• Attorney Colmenares will personally review your entire financial situation and develop a foreclosure alternatives strategy that is custom tailored to your specific needs. All information remains strictly confidential.
• We will let you know the cost and what paperwork you need to provide. There are no hidden fees.

You should schedule your FORECLOSURE ALTERNATIVES consultation today!



"Upon my first contact with Atty. Neil I felt at ease with talking to him about my having to file for bankruptcy. He was very professional and personable and explained everything in detail what I would have to do. As such, I returned to him with all my records and data in order. Afterwards he explained the next processes that I would have to follow. Because I was fully prepared his job to present it to the court was prudent and expeditious. As a result, my case was completely settled in less than three months. Neil is a man of his word and action and I certainly would recommend him to anyone in need of legal service, but with a word of advice, I would recommend that you should be prepared to do whatever he requests in order to expedite your case."
Judy W.
"When the housing market tanked and i got laid off I needed help with a short sale of my home. Mr. Colmenares was recommended to me by a co-worker. Mr. Colmenares made the process as painless and smooth as possible. I highly recommend Mr. Colmenares to anyone who is in the same position as I once was. If your looking for a pro on your side, look no further."
Steve W.
"Neil's a very reasonably priced lawyer. Handled my case promptly and professionally. Couldn't ask for better results. Saved me thousands of dollars and avoided costly lawsuits. Will definitely use Mr. Colmenares for future legal needs."
Emaan O.
"The best attorney I have ever dealt with. He made me feel good about going to see an attorney. Anytime I had questions in the process, our calls were answered promptly, He always got back to me and I never had to case him down. Mr. Colmenares even went out of his way to let me see him late on a Saturday. He's not like any other attorney that only cares about your money. He answered all my questions in detail. and gave me advice in how to situate my problems. I didn’t even have to ask him questions because that’s how specific and detailed he was. It was like he read my mind. Always thinking ahead, and was on top of my case. Worth every dollar spent. Highly recommend."
Jack H.